“Mission leaders have agreed that we should make Friday 20 March a day to focus prayer specifically for this. We will not be arranging set prayer meetings but ask that you spend as much time as you can, just where you are, seeking God in prayer.” – John Townend

1. That God’s will may be done, and His Name glorified. Matthew 6 v9-10
2. That people will recognise that God is in control, not so-called world leaders. Revelation 19 v6
3. That fear of disease and death will lead to the fear of God and a desire to know Him and the message of Life in Christ. Proverbs 9 v10
4. That people will repent of sin and begin to search for truth and that which lasts for eternity. Deut 4 v29
5. For God to be merciful to us as a nation: ‘Lord in wrath remember mercy’ Habakkuk 3 v2
6. For God’s protection as an organisation. Psalm 91
7. Especially for the Lord’s protection on those of the Mission family, their elderly relatives in care homes and Mission supporters, who because of age or health issues, are more vulnerable to the effects of this disease. Psalm 46 v 1-2
8. That God will enable us to see and grasp the new Gospel opportunities this situation creates. 2 Tim 4 v2
9. For wisdom as we seek to negotiate the challenges the coming weeks may bring. James 1 v 5
10. For strength and courage to serve God faithfully in the days ahead. Isaiah 40 v29 -31