Tug of War at Durrow

We thank God for wonderful answers to prayer at our camp. God was in our midst in a special way, especially in the meetings. The singing was “heavenly” and the children listened intently to the Word of God. Feedback from parents has been very encouraging. It was thrilling to hear of one boy telling his mum that he had sought the Lord as Saviour while at camp. Thank you for praying with us.– Andrew & Jenny McCullough

Praise the Lord for His presence and protection at our camp in Edinburgh. We are thrilled that two young girls put their trust in Christ. One of the girls literally wept her way to Calvary. What an incredible joy to see her come to the Lord. – Gordon & Janice Thomson

Although there was no outward response at our junior camp, a number of parents have said how much their children have benefitted. The teenagers at our teens camp listened well with questions asked and issues addressed in the quiet times. It was lovely to see one female camper from a non-Christian background, who trusted the Lord last year, going on with God. We had fifty people representing twelve different families along at our family camp. Many spoke of how much they appreciated the ministry and fellowship. – Johnathan & Janet Slater

Teaching the Bible Verse to Teenagers

We give God thanks for an excellent senior camp. The Bible teaching was very relevant and challenging and the presence of the Lord was real. Several young people spoke of having received help. It was encouraging to have a number of new kids at our junior camp. It’s a privilege to have input into their lives for a week, especially those with no church background. Pray for lasting fruit-Donnie & Catherine Macleod

We give God praise for a great week of camp. There was a sense of oneness among the campers and the participation in the meetings and quiet times was enthusiastic. There were particularly encouraging times with the teens. It was thrilling to see one young boy, whose parents were helping at the camp, give his heart to the Lord. He was so keen to tell everyone the next day! One of our teen campers testified how he came to camp this year as a backslider and God met with him, bringing him back to Himself and setting him back on track for God.-William & Carolyn Harrison

Sword Drill at Discovery Camp

At our first week of camp we were very aware of God’s help in every aspect. Two boys trusted Christ as Saviour, for which we give God the glory. Pray for the campers as some of them have gone back to a non-Christian environment in their homes. – Alistair & Yvette Park

We had an awesome teens Camp and are thankful to God for all He did. Many a light bulb moment was seen across the camp as campers began to realise how they could connect to God in a real way. – Jonny & Amy Lennox