We are excited to announce the launch of the FM Gospel Truck ministry. We give praise to the Lord for the provision of it, and look to Him to sustain it year after year for His glory.

The FM Gospel Truck is an articulated vehicle, comprising of a Volvo tractor unit and a 13.5m trailer. The trailer has an extending pod on one side and when set up can seat up to 30 people on board. The internal layout of the trailer is very universal and can be easily adapted from a platform suitable for open-air Bible teaching and Gospel ministry, into a space suitable for youth and children’s work, or into a café for the serving of tea and coffee.

The truck will be used for Drive-in services and missions, attending country fairs & shows, as well as children’s work and community outreach. Current restrictions may well limit the ministry to Drive-in events for the first phase of use.

The real heart of the ministry is to spend a set period of time in a particular area. Through established links with local Churches and Prayer Unions, volunteers from the area and FM personnel will be inviting the local community to planned events. Our passion, through the building of relationships, is to share the hope of the Gospel. This might be to children at a planned event, or to the waiting mums and dads over a cup of tea.

The distribution of Christian Literature and Bibles will be central to the ministry, ensuring that we leave the community with enough ‘sign posts’ which will point them to our amazing Saviour. In the future we hope to modify the internal space and install shelving to create a small Christian bookshop.

We do ask you to flood this ministry in prayer. We are all too aware that breaking new ground and launching a new ministry is difficult in these days.
Please pray for:
• The safety of all involved in the ministry.
• God’s guidance in the towns and villages to be visited, as well as suitable venues for the Gospel Truck.
• The strengthening of relationships with local Churches and their communities.
• God’s provision in the running costs, literature to be distributed, as well as the initial set up of the truck and trailer.

So please unite with the FM Gospel Truck ministry – all for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Colossians ch1v16

Blessing in Christ

Andrew Maybin