We are sorry to inform you that because of the circumstances surrounding the COVID19 virus the Faith Mission Bible College Council has taken the decision to suspend the FMBC Satellite programme that is held in the Mission’s Portadown and Durrow Centres during the autumn, winter and spring of 2020/2021. Both students and lecturers would be coming from widespread locations therefore it was thought best to put things on hold and thus reduce the risk of spreading the virus and of students contracting it. Those who teach would need to travel through airports and on aircraft and this would increase the possibility of bringing the virus back to Edinburgh and putting the fulltime course and its students at increased risk. It was thought to be in everyone’s interest to put the Satellite programme on hold this winter.

We look forward to recommencing in September 2021 and we hope that you will plan to attend. Material advertising the new course and its topics will be available in early 2021. In the meantime, there will be locally organised events taking place in the centres which we hope you will have the opportunity to get along to.