In the spring of 1969, Rev Shaun Clelland, the minister of Battlehill Methodist Church, invited the Faith Mission to conduct a gospel mission. This was a small country church, approximately two miles from Portadown in Northern Ireland. Faith Mission workers Eric Stewart and William Park began the meetings with 106 people present and continued for five weeks.  There were also weekly children’s meetings when up to fifty boys and girls eagerly came to hear God’s Word.  A youth meeting also took place on a Sunday afternoon which proved to be very popular. It was a busy time for all three men with a wide area being covered in visitation. From the start it was evident that God was at work in this rural community.

The beautiful county of Armagh is often referred to as the “Orchard County” due to the growth of Bramley apples. Driving along the rural roads you can see hundreds of trees neatly lining the orchards. It is hoped that with careful management there will be a good harvest.  In John 15:16 Jesus spoke of fruit that will remain and the Battlehill mission proved to be sucha time. Over the five weeks, young and old responded to the gospel message with seventeen people being counselled for salvation and three for restoration. Many of God’s people were also challenged and sought God for victory in their personal walk with Him.

Shortly after this mission a Prayer Union was formed, led by a local Christian couple, Bill and Agnes Newell.  This provided fellowship and encouragement to those who had been recently converted. From this Prayer Union some entered into Christian work. There have been many changes over the years but the Prayer Union is still going strong with many committed members gathering on a fortnightly
basis to pray.