David and Marjorie also retired at the end of July. Here they share some of the blessings from their many years of walking with and working for the Lord.

FM: What is your earliest memory of FM work?

David: As a child we had a weekly Prayer Union in our home in County Laois in the Irish Midlands and often Faith Mission workers would stay at our home on their free days. The earliest mission that I remember was held on my father’s farm conducted by Miss Burrows and Miss Gordon.
Marjorie: I wasn’t brought up in FM circles but I can remember going to a tent mission at the age of fourteen and being really struck by the “pilgrims” – to me they seemed like angels straight from heaven! I became involved when I joined our local PU after I was saved.

FM: What led you to join the work of The Faith Mission ?
David: Coming from a farm, I had planned to continue farming which I loved and still do. As I entered my final year in secondary school in September 1971, God clearly challenged me at a Bible College Rally near my home that if He wanted me in His work, was I willing to go ? After much prayer and putting things right in my life, the clear call came through Mark 15:16: ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel’. God’s call is as clear today as it was then.
Marjorie: Coming from County Down, Northern Ireland, Bangor Convention was an annual event for me. It was here that God called me, so clearly that I never doubted for one minute that FM was the place for me.

FM: What has had the most impact on your life while working as a Faith Mission worker?
David: Training under the leadership of the late Ken Buchanan and listening to a man of prayer praying for the work of the Mission and the work of God worldwide.

FM: Is there a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant during your time in FM?
David: Working together practically as a team and seeing the opening of the new camp centres in Portadown and Durrow. When we stepped out in faith, we proved how God supplied the need of prayer support, man-power and finance. It was a powerful testimony to God’s faithfulness when we saw the buildings completed debt-free.

FM: Knowing what you know now, what would you say to your younger self when you first started?
David: Give yourself wholeheartedly to the greatest privilege of serving the Lord while you have the strength to do so.

FM: What is the greatest blessing and greatest burden of being a wife and mother in full-time ministry?
Marjorie: We always shared our practical needs with our children, and they prayed with us that the Lord would supply. It was a real demonstration of God’s faithfulness when they could see for themselves how God kept His promise to supply all our needs. As a ministry wife and mum, it was sometimes difficult to balance the needs of home, family and the work, but we proved over and over that if we put God and His kingdom first, His blessing would be upon us.

FM: What is the one thing you will miss most as a Faith Mission worker?
David: I would say the fellowship and prayer times with fellow workers and at Prayer Unions.

FM: Who is the person who has influenced your life the most?
David: What a privilege it was for me to be brought up in a Christian home. The greatest
influence on my life came from my parents for whom I can never thank God enough.
Marjorie: Aside from my parents and parents- in-law, who all demonstrated a great example of what Christian life should be, David has been a constant source of encouragement to me, and his prayer life has been a challenge.

FM: As you look back over your time in Christian work, what is the one thing you feel most grateful for?
Marjorie: The knowledge that God was with me and, even in my weakness and inadequacy, He was all I needed to walk the path He had chosen for me.

FM: What book, other than the Bible, has most influenced your life?
David: The book that influenced me most other than the Bible was ‘Praying Hyde’ through which I learned to battle in prayer for God’s work.
Marjorie: The Isabel Kuhn books were a mighty challenge to me as a teenager, to give myself entirely to God and to seek to live a life of holiness. In later years, Elisabeth Elliot has raised a standard for family and devotional life that I aspire to.

FM: How will you use your time in retirement?
David: I see retirement as an opportunity to spend more time with and give help to my family, and pray for the work of God.
Marjorie: As a fairly new grandmother, I must admit to looking forward to enjoying more time with my family. We also hope to continue serving the Lord with various meetings and camps as He provides the strength.