Since planning to hold this week of prayer there has been a dramatic increase in the spread of Covid19 and the emergence of new variants of the virus resulting in stricter lockdowns measures being introduced. Although the introduction of new vaccines brings some measure of hope the deteriorating situation is a cause of great concern and disappointment to us all. In addition to this we are witnessing unprecedented scenes of political unrest and tension in previously stable democratic societies while here in the UK and ROI we are facing the uncertainties arising from Brexit. This all serves to remind us of the fragility and desperate darkness of society around us.

As Christian people we rejoice in the knowledge that God is in complete control and we can confidently trust in Him to fulfil all His purposes for us. However, he doesn’t expect us to sit back complacently and simply wait for the crisis to pass. He has told us that we are to ‘Call on Him, and he will answer us’. Indeed, we are told in Ezekiel 22 :30 that He is looking for ‘someone to stand in the gap before Him for the land’. We are also reminded from 2 Chronicles 7:14 ‘If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and heal their Land’.

Without doubt the pandemic has created a very serious crisis which we disregard or take lightly at our peril. However, the spiritual need of our land and indeed of our own lives should be of equal if not greater concern to us. Perhaps, never in living history has there been such a desperate need for a deep and lasting move of God. As members of a missionary organisation, we are also increasingly conscious that our greatest need is that of a visitation and quickening by the Spirit of God.
We thank you in anticipation for joining with us as we take time throughout this week to earnestly seek God in prayer. The guidelines listed below are aimed at giving some direction in prayer but are not intended to be exhaustive or rigidly adhered to. It is good to remain open to be led by the Holy Spirit as He burdens our hearts.

You may wish to set aside a day during the week to fast as well as pray. We know that for some fasting from food is not always practical or medically advisable. However, one of the main purposes of fasting is to give uninterrupted time to prayer, therefore fasting from other time-consuming daily activities or distractions would be beneficial.
Sadly, it will not be possible to meet together in groups but please take time to pray with us in your home. Please be assured that we greatly appreciate your fellowship and support in this way.

John Townend
General Director

Download Prayer Guidelines (PDF)