A Long Way To Go

By Ben Fiddian, We seem to be moving on, at [...]

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Heaven and how to get there

By George Clayson. During this time of uncertainty caused by [...]

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Leaning on the Lord in Lockdown

By Ben Fiddian, The previous blog quoted 1 Peter 5:6. The sentence [...]

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Learning from the Lord in Lockdown

By Ben Fiddian, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand [...]

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Lasting through a Long Lockdown…

Lasting through a Long Lockdown - Why I Believe Christians [...]

2020-05-16T23:34:34+01:00Tags: |

Longing for the Lord in Lockdown

By Ben Fiddian, News reports this morning suggest that religious [...]

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Quarantine Quick Read: Russian Roulette?

By Ben Fiddian, We are getting used to seeing the [...]

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Quarantine Quick Read: Christ our Brother – The Fear of Death

By Ben Fiddian, Jesus is a spiritual big brother for [...]

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Learn from the birds

We can learn a lot from the birds. It’s very [...]

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