Vision & Mission

“To reach through passionate evangelism the lost of all age groups, particularly in the villages and rural areas of Great Britain and Ireland, and by biblical teaching to encourage holiness of heart and life in Christian people.”

This vision statement is worked out through three core ministries, as follows:

Rural Evangelism – As an interdenominational agency, The Faith Mission works closely with all Christian churches that share a similar concern for passionate evangelism and evangelical truth, especially in areas where there is little or no biblical witness.

Biblical Training – The Faith Mission Bible College is a ministry of the Faith Mission and exists to train people for a variety of roles in Christian ministry and service.

Christian Literature – FM Bookshops is the literature ministry, which is positioned on the high street of many towns and cities in Northern Ireland and Scotland. It provides a neutral location where people can explore the Christian faith through literature or conversations in a relaxed café environment.


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