The Faith Mission is an unincorporated Scottish charity which also has a registration in the Republic of Ireland.  It was founded in 1886 by John George Govan as a religious organisation for the purposes of evangelism and Christian ministry in the rural areas of the Great Britain and Ireland.

For over one hundred and thirty years The Faith Mission has endeavoured to make known the good news of the Gospel to the largely unreached rural people of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.  From the beginning three core objectives have been the guiding influence of our work: 1) Reaching those lost, because of sin, with the life-transforming message of the Gospel; 2)   to encourage professing Christians to live transparent holy lives through the power of the Holy Spirit and; 3) to stir up interest in God’s people for His work everywhere, that they may pray, give and go in serving him where ever He may lead.

The Mission has a tremendous heritage and has been privileged to be used by God to great effect throughout its life and sphere of ministry.  Thousands have been brought to faith in Christ and on a number of occasions whole communities have known the influence of the Spirit of God at work in their midst.  You can familiarize yourself with the Mission’s history by reading ‘Spirit of Revival’,’ Heritage of Revival’, ‘Channel of Revival’ and ‘Tide of Blessing’, the Mission’s publications which outline its story.

Of course a lot has changed since John George Govan commenced The Faith Mission in 1886. Over the years our work has grown and developed into three distinct but closely related ministries. Our islands remain as spiritually barren and bleak as at any time in their history. In utter dependence upon God for provision of all the necessary resources we remain passionately committed to sharing the unchanging message of the Gospel with the unreached millions living in the rural areas of Scotland, England, Wales and the North and South of Ireland.


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