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The last time we wrote, the tent mission in Point was just on the verge of beginning. The two weeks
seemed like it would be a long time, but we blinked, and it was over! The time flew in, and we came away with many tales to tell of God’s amazing hand at work. As we come away our cry would be,
‘Not unto to us, O LORD, not unto us, but to your name give glory’ Psalm 115:1

Point Tent Mission
Right from the beginning we had good attendance with 80 or so on the opening evening which
gradually grew night by night, with up to 265 on the closing evening. Although we are delighted
with good numbers it was of far more joy to see around 30-40 unsaved people coming in over the
course of the two weeks. Our time spent on going from door to door was profitable with many good
conversations and even some of the people we spoke to coming along to the meetings. One of the team had a long conversation with a man which concluded with him saying, “you need to put your trust in the Lord” and the man replied, “I want to do that!”

Throughout the two weeks there was a sense of God’s Spirit at work in the meetings, with many people being challenged by God’s Word. A 73- year-old man mentioned after one meeting, “I have never heard anything like this in all my life and I want to know more!” He went away with a New Testament to read and attended most of the mission. We could easily mention another half dozen people that we spoke with, who seemed to be seriously considering Christ and you might say that they were, ‘close to the kingdom,’ but as yet have made no open profession. Please contiune to pray that the seed sown will bear fruit.

During the second week of the mission, we held an after-school club with the help of two FMBC students Reuben and Debs who did the Bible teaching. It was a thrill to see around 35 kids each afternoon. It was amazing to hear a young girl tell Debs that she wanted to give her heart to Jesus!
Debs spoke with her a while and she left saying she would pray at home. It was sad to hear the
young girl say the next afternoon that her non Christian parents had encouraged her to put it off
saying she would be better waiting until she was older. Please pray for this young girl.

Edinburgh Convention
At the moment, both of us, along with the children are down in Edinburgh setting up for the convention. We are looking forward to Paul Mallard who will be doing the Bible Readings sessions on Acts, and Charles Price who will be looking at some of the Jehovah Names of God in the evenings. Please pray these men will know God’s anointing, and that many Christians will be revived with an earnest desire to go deeper with God. The meetings will be recorded – please watch the Faith Mission Highlands Facebook page for the link in the coming days.

We are looking forward to holding our camps again this July. We have two weeks of camp this year with about 25 booked into the Junior camp from 17th-22nd July and a slightly smaller number of nearly a dozen booked in for the teens camp from 24th-29th July. We would really value your prayers
for these two weeks. Camp is a great opportunity to feed the Word of God into these young lives, and
the lives of many people over the years have been impacted by God in past years at camp, please pray
that as these young people come this year they would go away transformed by Christ. Especially
pray for Phillippa Cismas and Carol Cummings who will be doing the teaching at the Junior camp
and Noel Bell who will do the teaching at the Teens camp.

We appreciate so much your continued interest and your prayers for the work of the Mission in the
Highlands. It is truly amazing that we can call on the Almighty, powerful God of Heaven and that He
hears our prayers. We praise God that our testimony is that of the Psalmist,
‘I love the LORD, because he has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy. Because he inclined his ear to me,’ Psalm 116:1-2.

Yours in Christ
Jeff and Sarah Townend