By Wes Brewer

For the last number of years Cumbria has been a burden of mine. It’s been the prayer of my heart to bring the gospel to the rural areas, and now to have the opportunity to do full-time evangelism in the district is a true gift from God.

Over this past year I have gained much experience as I worked with Alistair and Yvette Park at the Harby Camp Centre in Leicestershire. In the middle of August 2021, I arrived in Cumbria. Not too long after moving, my fiancé Isobel and I got married. Now I am embarking on doing the work of an evangelist and grateful for the help and support of William and Carolyn Harrison who oversee the work in the Anglo Scottish District. In the short time I have been here, the Lord has opened up many opportunities, from itinerant preaching to street evangelism.

Particularly in an evening, a few volunteers and I go out with a small pop-up table, hot drinks and literature and try to initiate conversations with the locals. We have been really encouraged by the amount of good conversations we have had, especially with the younger generation as they seem to be more open to the things of God. It has also been great to see how God has opened up some very worthwhile conversations when I least expected it. In the local fish and chip shop, the cashier asked me what I did. One thing led to another and soon I was able to share the things of God with him. The great thing was that all the kitchen staff in the back of shop were listening and the rest of the customers waiting for their tea heard everything too. I had a congregation listening in to every word!

Cumbria is a beautiful place with its lakes and mountains, but within it there are many small villages that do not have a gospel witness of any kind. My desire is to get the gospel into the houses  within these small villages, to people who have never have heard about the things of God and of salvation found only in Jesus, and to those who may have heard something perhaps school when they were much younger.

Can I ask you to pray that the Lord would open up opportunities for me to share the gospel in the most effective ways possible, and that lives would be won for Christ? This is my prayer that God will help me to be a faithful witness to the people of Cumbria.